Saturday, 15 August 2009

Judgement Day

This morning I went to the corner shop in my pyjamas. Yes. I'm that person. The kind who puts on flip flops when it's raining and has scruffy bed hair when she buys her newspaper and a pint of milk.

Stood in line with my purchases, I was keen to return to my weekend indolence where all that matters is tea, toast and fine smudgy print. Behind me, however, was the judgemental squad. A long line of pitying glances, as if I was a homeless person who had found a pound coin and the first thing she must do is treat herself to skimmed milk and a liberal broadsheet. One or two were stunned by my audacity to leave the house looking less than perfection. People go out without mascara and lip gloss? Our eyes! Our poor eyes!

Does my lack of style, at 7.30am, really matter in the great scheme of things? I wasn't on my way to a job interview. I wasn't off to meet friend's in town. My big plan was grabbing my weekend favourites and returning to bed to watch crappy morning TV. I didn't realise I needed Gok Wan's assistance to enter the high society that is the corner shop. Forgive me, please.

Why are people so judgemental? It's yet another one of those unanswerable questions that life likes to throw at you but please, I'd really like the answer.

Psychologically speaking, it's possible that we have an internal self-belief that everyone should behave as we ourselves do. An ideal representation of socially correct behaviour. When we come across someone who breaks this self-belief, someone who challenges it, is that when judgement occurs?

I don't know, reader. Consider me flummoxed.


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  2. Like yourself I too am amazed we have to be so fashion forward if we're merely relaxing, grabbing a few quick things for comfort sake.
    My early Sunday morning coffee pickup consist of , my favorite pink slippers, a hoodie and the baggiest sweats I can find. If looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here as we speak. You may have said it best, we have an internal self-belief that everyone must behave a certain way, or in this case look a certain way.

  3. There is the majority of people with a sheep syndrome. Lets follow the lead and those who don't let be judged and disgraced... Well, that never appealed to me, fashion? Haven't got a clue what's in, and never know who's in the Big Brother house. Yes I am being judged for not following the line, but I've learned with a few bruises on my backside it's not worth my while to pay attention to that "corner shop high society". Actually, some think I am excentric and avoid me. I'm so glad...

  4. Well, going into a corner shop in my pyjamas would be a first for me. There is nothing wrong with it though, but if i did i would certainly get some funny looks, i am sure of it. :)


    Loving your blog :D

  5. Ah yes. Sheep syndrome! Sadly it is taking over our youth of today! Get me, sounding like i'm 105...hehe :)

    Glad I am not the only one who feels this way.


  6. What's up? You should check out my blog sometimes...

  7. Being from France when I first went to school and saw girls coming to class in their pyjama pants Id be shock to see that the school would allow this or even a person allow that to themselves.

    As the years went by I am now used to the fact that American culture is different and little things like that is part of a different society..than the one in france. I never was judgmental about it though. people have the right to do and wear whatever they feel like. However I would never.

    good article though :)

  8. Hey everyone.

    Laelivelove: I'm aware that different cultures have varying expectations and judgements and behaviours. This is very true. But i accept all those varying behaviours and i never judge them. I expect the same in return. I know that will not always happen but one can dream!

    BTW, i am British, not American!

    Thanks for commenting, please keep reading!

    Cheers :)

  9. I say fuck what people think! As long as you are loved by the people who matter most, then it doesnt matter what the judgemental arseholes in the street think. Weve all got a right to live on this planet just as much as the next person, and wheres the rule book on life saying, " thou shalt not walk the streets at 7.30 in the morning in thy pyjamas "

    And just for the record, Gok Wan is a WANKER!

  10. Liam: If only it was that easy! I am all for not giving a shit what people think of me but putting that mantra into practice is alot harder than it sounds. I'll get there eventually! :)

  11. To me everyone is missing the point. Surely the pertinent information here is what was ON the PJs...if it's Bugpuss then I'm sorry, I'm with the JS. Don't judge me for it, though. LOVE the blog x

  12. You can't join the judgemental squad if I had bagpuss on my Pjs. That's not fair!

    Truthfully though, i don't own any of those girly type of PJs (not that I'm against them or anything) and mine look like loungewear. Plain. Like joggers. That is what made the JS even worse! It still annoys me when i think about it. The corner shop has lost my custom forever! Forever I tell you.

  13. This kind of behaviour is big up here in Liverpool. Scouse girls go out in anything during the day. Even their rollers. Is that acceptable. There's a train of thought that it signals a lack of self esteem among young women. But that would be a judgemental thing to say. And I'm not clever enough to back up the statement :-)


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