Saturday, 7 March 2009

Now I've heard it all...

Have you ever read something that caused your jaw to slacken and your head to shake wildly in disbelief? This is usually followed by the words ‘no way!’ Or if you’re me: ‘no fucking way; what a load of bullshit bollocks!’ What can I say, I like swearing. It’s cathartic.

Anyways, the Daily Mail revealed that British students can now study how to be a redcoat at Butlins. In case any of you have no idea what this is, let me explain it for you. Butlins is a cheap and cheerful cheese-fest of a holiday camp. Camp being the operative word here. A redcoat is the nickname for the entertainment staff who work there, singing and dancing through cringe-worthy routines all the while wearing- wait for it- red coats! The mind boggles, it really does.

I read the article and the above happened. My jaw slackened. My head shook wildly, exorcist-style. Through my disbelief over this new educational development, I did some research on what kind of degrees are available here in the UK. The results shocked me. If becoming a redcoat isn't your thing, what about about a BA in Gambling? Or a BA in Boats? And my lovely old University of Sussex even do a course in bee-keeping. Yes. Bees.

Reader, what is happening to our education system? We used to value skills so highly; basic skills that would help us in our careers. A mathematics degree may be difficult, it may be a struggle, but I’m pretty certain that any owners of this degree have guaranteed jobs at the end of it. Can they say the same about the owner of a BA in boats?

Don't get me wrong here. I admire any dedication to a subject. It takes a lot of strength to continue learning past the legally required age. Plus I'm all for learning something new. Widening the minds, gaining new skills. Variety. But bees? I really have heard it all.

What’s next, a PhD in the art of pillow fluffing?


  1. heeey I like my pillow nicely fluffed ;)

  2. I'd pay good money for an expert pillow fluffer! Really!

  3. I really think pillow fluffing would be more usefull than a red coat being :-)

  4. Guys, you are not helping to prove my point here! Seriously! Tsk tsk! :P

  5. The red coat must really be the last resort of the world weary, brow beaten, die hard celebrity wanna be. The thought that one could derive pleasure and excitement from entertaining a bunch of mentally stunted punters with a rehashed performance of flash dance whilst keeping that "god I hope someone notices me and gives me a third extra from the back in an episode of holby city" smile on their face is beyond me.

  6. My God. A BA in bee-keeping???? What is the world coming to???? Oh well, you already know my thoughts on the subject of university degrees like this one...


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