Monday, 8 June 2009

I'm back baby!

While I am not one hundred percent and my walking can be likened to that of an old fart or a snail or possibly an old snail, I am feeling okay after my operation. Unfortunately, it was more serious than your average appendectomy; my appendix being the size of a foot when it should have been the size of a finger. Add that to the removal of a small part of my bowel and you've got some idea of the scar now trawling its way down from my navel. Not that you needed to know that. Jeez. I really should stop with all the sharing.

My stay in hospital was an eventful one. You would think that the Gods of Fate or whomever ordains our paths in life would have allowed me a quiet convalescence. Oh no. First, there's Evil Nurse. She's the one who doesn't really want to be there. Who sneers at the sound of help-alarms and tells everyone you've been nothing but hassle when really, you've been off your face on meds and not made a sound. Evil Nurse woke me on the first night of recovery by slapping my face. Just to make sure I was alive. The care provided in hospitals is first rate.

Then came Frances. The 69 year old lady in the bed opposite. She liked to talk. A lot. Particularly at 4am when the morphine was crawling through my veins, hypnotic and sleep inducing. Frances was erratic and confused, pulling out IVs and jumping from her bed. I once awoke to find her asking me if I was part of the conspiracy occurring in the ward. My 'yawn' had qualified me to join the 'scheme.'

This all really happened. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

But now normality has returned. I'm back. Kind of. In a half-hearted sort of way. I can't really laugh 'cos it hurts. Sneezing is out too. Plus any kind of bending down and spinning round. Man. This op has really taken all the fun out of life. Whatever will I do now?


  1. Lou, get plenty of rest. You are in my prayers. I know how things of this sort can throw you for a loop.

  2. So glad that you're back home and recovering. I'm sure they've given you discharge instructions but a little tidbit from my abdominal surgery a few years back--walk. Even if it is just a very little bit, walk. About 6 days after my surgery my brother made me laugh but I couldn't laugh so I just screamed and cried for a half hour. My best friend still makes fun of me for that. It was the most cathartic laugh I've ever had but it kind of freaked out the dogs. Which of course, made it funnier.

  3. Wow. That was too much. At least you got through it. Good to see you back, Lou.

  4. Thanks guys! And Ava, you are right. I've been walking walking walking every day and i am healing quite fast. It helps! I am looking forward to properly laughing again. You don't realise just how many stomach muscles you use when laughing, its astounding!


  5. aw...take it easy. It takes a while to recover from such things but yknow what? suddenly you feel better and you forget the pain.

    Glad you pulled out of it all right.
    Try putting vitamin E on the scar (I couldn't look at mine for months). Supposedly, the vitamin E helps.

  6. Welcome back...something for you here -->

  7. Goodness...I hope your recovery continues to go well.

  8. Hope you're doing ok now!
    I love how you've written this with such wit and sparkle even in such a difficult time.
    Like I've said in another of your really are rather talented :)


  9. Aww thanks for the well wishes guys! I'm not doing too bad now. It's six weeks since my op, this coming thursday. I've a way to go yet but i'm getting there. I can't get there fast enough if you ask me! :) xx


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