Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Library Spell

Morning seeks refuge amidst the
yellowed paper and faded print
leather bound tales of woe
and joy.

Tips of fingers trace the
pinched in curve where
page meets page
of open book.

Ears oblivious to worldly noise
I crawl inside the words,
deafened by them screaming
an enticing spell
of verse and rhyme.
My back arcs over the 'A's
and 'B's, I coil within
the 'me's and 'we's.'

Loneliness a forgotten affair,
there between the bonds of book
and I
find my friend's who make
magic with mystery,
an illusion, of poetry and prose.

When I leave my shelter
of words that never hurt me,
I stretch past.
Limbs ache from time spent
cramped between them,
eyes adjust to the change in light.

The only evidence of the
library spell?

A star filled sky.


  1. I'm in one of those spells almost every day. The words in the books ache for me to read them. This is beautiful. :)

  2. Thanks Robyn! I'm always in one of these spells too. I love reading. The only time (apart from writing of course) that you get transported to another world. :)

  3. Spell of words, books, pages, ink and time.
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  4. Thanks for the comment. I'm pleased you like it, however, i am not comfortable with you using my poetry on your blog. Although, I hope that you will return and read more. Thanks :)

  5. Ok. If you allow me to use in English I will.
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  6. Excellent, nothing more needs to be said.


  7. Thanks A.J. That means a lot. I may re-work it though. Add some more to each stanza. Not sure but i keep thinking there's something missing....must put my thinking cap on... :)


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