Tuesday, 30 August 2011

There is no place like home

Home is where the porch door warps on a hot day and refuses to close. It's where the TV plays to ghost audiences once the living have left the room, while the cat sharpens claws on the carpeted stairs. The bottom step has felt the wrath like no other.

Here, the walls were once my canvas and diary. Beneath the scores of wallpaper lies a hidden wealth of drawings and childish ramblings; forgotten secrets only unearthed by some far away future tenant. Somewhere in the box room, the wall was kissed with pink-painted lips to see the effect of my mother's stolen lipstick. In the kitchen by the door, two sets of heights compete in efficient pencil scrawl. Eventually, mine won.

Home is where the cups and plates never match and the best china is only used on Christmas Day, much like the dining table. The rooms are always littered with forgotten activities; cups linger beside a cold kettle, the ironing board is only there to hold laundry and stub toes, and the vacuum cleaner remains at the end of the living room, plugged in waiting. It often waits for a long time.

Here, we keep useless things; rusty keys, books with lost pages and ceramic figurines with missing heads and feet, just in case. There is not just one messy drawer in this dust glazed place. They all are. The yellow papery entrails of encyclopaedia's, history books and the archive of Reader's Digest dating from 1972, spill out from bowed shelves on bookcases. And there's more upstairs.

Home is where I can trace the length and curves of the garden path with eyes closed and still feel it necessary to repeat the hundreds of cartwheels I did as a child. It's where the swing seat is always the hub for chats over cups of tea or glasses of wine as the sun sets and the breeze rises. Whilst mum bemoans the state of the neighbour's fence, we sit underneath the umbrella at the garden table enjoying barbecued meats, despite the rain trickling down our uncovered backs. 

Here, hugs are offered without question and a shoulder sought is given freely. Laughter is first on the agenda and there is always music, whether filtering through the garage wall or tinkering down the stairs. There must always be music. 

Home is where I feel free even with the doors locked and the windows closed. It's the one place where you only ever know its scent once you leave and just the reminder of it makes you long for its comfort with a smile. 


  1. You paint a wonderful picture of what home is. It's those little things left out that make it feel so familiar.

  2. This was so great. My house feels like this too esp all the chores left all over the place! lolz

  3. Debbie: Thank you! I agree it's the little things that make the place feel like home.

    Kate: Thanks for stopping by. Yes my house in constantly in chores mode. It's kind of annoying and I suppose I should get round to doing them but I can never be bothered. What's wrong with a bit of dust? :)

  4. Home is where the heart is.

  5. You painted a picture of a real home that's so full of warmth it will be hard to leave, ever.

  6. Wow! Amazing piece of writing! Made me a little misty remembering home and the people I love. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  7. Andressa C: I think you just condensed my blog post into six words. Hehe

    Sarah: Thank you! I'm glad I described it well. But I actually can't wait to leave! Haha. The thing is, I know even once I've moved out again, it will always be my home.

    P: Thank you for such kind encouragement. Much appreciated, as always. :)

  8. You're just amazing! It somehow tells the details of your unique home, but also everyone else's. We can all relate to it.

  9. TheGirlWithTheNotepad: Thank you for such a lovely comment. I really appreciate it. I was trying to be personal with the description of my home but I also hoped that people could recognise similar elements from theirs. I'm glad you could relate!

  10. I love the way you describe the home.

    Can not disagree with you.

    Follow each other .

  11. I love this post. I'm a new follower and I have to tell you I think that your Ray LaMontagne comment in your bio is what led me here! :)

  12. Izdiher: Thanks for stopping by! Appreciated as always.

    Rachel Emilia: Thank you! I think my Ray LaMontagne bio comment has a lot to answer for where my blog readers are concerned. You're not the first one to say so. :)

  13. I'm new to your blog Lou, i hope you dont mind me leaving a comment.

    Well what can i say, really enjoyed reading your piece. I'm going to walk around my house and give my walls a great big hug then disappear to the sanctuary of the calming duvet for the night. Home is certainly where the heart is and you did a great job of providing a dreamy, soothing and warming homescape.. Time for bed with a big sigh!

    Thanks Lou. I've added myself as a follower so i'll be back.

    Paul ;o)

    Poetic Sauce - Pauls Personal Poetry Blog

  14. awesome work... i felt as if u r describing my home :P

  15. nostalgic ! loved it..aaaand now i am officially homesick


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