Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

I had high hopes for this final post of 2011. Full of insightful wit and charm; something that pushed my readers into the realm of wonder and thoughts and dreams.

But I'm going away for New Year and, consequently, I am surrounded by un-ironed clothes and mismatched shoes, tired thoughts and a mind wired in lists of things to do and to be and at this point, Hamlet always resurfaces in my memory and I am not sure if it is entirely possible to string a plausible sentence in this state.

So I shall leave you with this; this pithy thing that has played through my mind, dashing and delving between the lists and the inappropriate thoughts of Shakespearean soliloquies:

As a little bud with shallow roots
You filled me with wonder
Found in every shard of sand
Handful of dirt,
Speck of dust.
Clouds were friends
Stars were dreams
The sky was my future...

In this dawning of a shiny new year, untarnished and unwrapped, let's look at the world with childlike eyes again. Let's see its potential.

Happy New Year, dearest Readers. Here's to a good one...


  1. Every day is another opportunity to turn the whole thing around. The coming year will be amazing. Here's to you, Lou! Happy New Year!

  2. hooray!
    Lou, I wish you a wonderfully miraculous 2012. And that won't be a stretch because you tend to see little miracles all about you.

    I look forward to reading many more of your thoughtful thoughts!

    best, k

  3. Happy new year! I enjoy reading ur blog lots. I always check in to read ur posts. I loook forward to more in what will be an awesome 2012!

  4. Thanks for commenting everyone! :)

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