Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Dream, Hallucination or Prediction...?

Last night I had trouble sleeping. This is nothing new. I fear I haven’t slept properly in seven years. Some days pass and I’ve barely slept at all. There comes a point when I am so tired I can’t function. Words. Backwards. Become. Spots appear around me and I reach out to grab them, thinking they’re weird alien beings come to eat me alive. Then come the tears. I start weeping, moaning and wallowing in self pity, crying and praying to a God I don’t believe in. ‘Why, God, Why? Why won’t you let me sleep? I hate you.’ This is usually the point where I pass out face down into my pillow. Maybe He really does exist. Or a She. Possibly an It. I fear I’m going off point here…

I think I had a dream. This may be impossible considering I wasn’t asleep long enough. I’d barely shut my eyes at 7 o’clock this morning when noisy bastard’s alarm went off next door. I made a note to move to a house with thicker walls. Or less noisy neighbours.

Anyways. I discovered the secret to time travel. In my dream, that is. Or was it a dream? Maybe I hallucinated. Maybe my brain was so fed up of being awake for 24 hours a day, it created this weird and wonderful story to keep itself occupied. You know, to pass the time. Or perhaps I unlocked the psychic inside of me. Perhaps I can only make predictions about the future during an insomnia-ridden daze. It’s a bit like those psychics who can only predict things with a twenty pound note in their hands.

In my dream there was a chart about time continuums, followed by a very long algebraic equation that made me want to vomit. On a table there was a box that looked like a modified version of the Flux Capacitor. After all, that is what makes time travel possible.

Doc Brown wasn’t there. Neither was Marty McFly. But Steven Spielberg was. I got the feeling that Back to the Future is masquerading as a piece of fiction when really, it’s truth. I think Spielberg did find the secret to time travel and it really does involve a 1981 DeLorean. It is much more plausible than a phone box as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure suggests.

Now that’s just stupid.


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Like you I suffer from insomnia, it's very difficult to say the least. If you find out a magic answer to falling asleep, please let me know.

  2. the "follow this blog thingy" doesn't work :(

  3. Hi there hun,

    I was just in the 'coffee shop' and thought i'd pass by. This is really scary reading this because for the past couple of months i've found it increasingly difficult to fall asleep. I've been to the docs and gotten some temporary pills, tried meditation and exercise to tire me out and nothing works. I end up staying up basically the entire night and feeling so exhausted for the day. I get in despair but can never cry because i have no energy. I hope you understand? Sorry for rambling this post just really struck a nerve.

    I am so sorry to hear your own problems. Have you tried seeing someone about this?

    Sending you my well wishes.


  4. FUNNY! I too love BTTF!


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