Friday, 2 October 2009

Humanity is just a work in progress...

I am not a misanthrope. This is me we're talking about. I openly adore happy endings and smiling at strangers. I want the good guy to win. Always. But sometimes optimism fades.

As a society we are confronted frequently by our actions. The seedy underbelly of humanity is laid bare on a daily basis, stripped of benevolence. Through media we have no choice but to meet with our failings, or as such, the failings of others. Sex isn't the only thing that sells. Add violence and corrupt politicians and you've got one big money-making equation.

Day after day I read some version of kids murdering kids, people enslaving people. Governments stealing from their own country. Abuse. Fraud. Theft. The list is endless. Out in the world we exist together, and yet so far apart. People on the street are lost; passers-by a void around them. Hold open a door for someone and you won't get a thank-you in return. Sometimes it's the little things.

Repeatedly I get knocked; gradually I am worn, eroded. That's when the optimism, the faith in humanity, starts to wane.

But today there was hope. I awoke this morning to stories that recharged my belief that, at its very heart, humanity can be good. People can be good. A small group of British Firefighters are off to help search for survivors in the aftermath of the Samoa tsunami. The knowledge that these men are to risk their lives for others, in a country that on any other day we would not think about, warms my soul.

In addition to this story, a British football team stopped a woman from jumping to her death from the Humber Bridge. This simple act of kindness to someone in need reminds us of the invisible ties that bind us. Humanity, in its most basic form, can be found in the strangest of places.

As a result (for now at least) I find my faith in humanity restored. Or should that be faith in footballers...?


  1. I'm always looking for the good in people as well but it is good to have real reminders. I love your writing - looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Now, just avoid any and all news outlets for the next few days and you'll be in good shape...

    This one definitely resonated with me.

  3. You write well. Very engaging.
    When people don't say thanks when I hold the door I say, as loud as I can get away with, "It's okay, don't worry about it, anytime."
    Keep you chin up...

  4. i like optimism. i'm not sure i'm either optimistic or pessimistic. maybe i'm just mistic. i know people can do good things, i know people can do bad things. i don't think anyone is immune from either, and i don't think humanity does more of one than the other. we're just people trying to find our way in the world. and sometimes that way involves being incredibly generous to others, like those firefighters. what a nice way to be :)

  5. I really enjoy the way you write. And I agree, we all need these little reminders that there's still good in the world. Thanks for giving me mine!


  6. I always enjoy reading your scribes and I like your style - there's a certain 'real worldness' about it all which allows readers to scrape beneath the surface of the sometimes day-to-day humdrum and find a connection. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks for all the great comments everyone. Much appreciated! I'm pleased to have resonated with some of you or reminded you of the good in people. I needed reminding too so this worked both ways! :)

  8. Great blog, found you on the blogger forum and thought you made sense so came to have a read.

  9. Haven't visited your blog for a while, but it's great to see your observant eye, flowing style and whole-hearted honesty continuing to enrich your writing. Don't forget to keep looking in the mirror. It all starts with loving yourself! Doesn't it?:)

  10. Welcome Brett! I'm always pleased to meet new followers. And I always make sense...hehe!

    Hello Joe. I thought I hadn't seen a comment from you in a while. Welcome back!


  11. Have faith in the good humans, but smite the evildoers hip and thigh.

  12. I really enjoyed this post. I think the bad side of humanity only helps us see the good side of it better. And it's the little things that really make the world a better place. (:

    Love your writing, so I'm following your blog - also because I too adore smiling at strangers. It's one of the best feeling in the world when the stranger returns the smile (in a non-creepy way, of course), isn't it? (: It's this that reminds me not to lose faith in humanity.

  13. Missykimmy: Smiling at strangers makes my day. You are right- nothing beats the returning smile, not that i get one very often. Mind you, the look of confusion from some people does make me giggle. My sister goes one step further and waves at random strangers, just for a laugh. She gets her entertainment in the strangest of ways! hehe :)


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