Monday, 19 October 2009


I don't like seven. It's all sharp edges and odd number. In a list it's even worse. Why would anyone write a list of seven things? Why not round it up? You know how I love my Top Ten.

A few days ago, however, I was given the task of writing such list. Seven things about me. Along with this was the honour of the Kreativ Blogger award, given by the lovely Sarah over at The Good Girls. She writes some great stories. I suggest you visit immediately.

Seeing as I have some new followers, particularly over the last month, I thought I would recycle an earlier post. Fear not readers, I do not lack inspiration. I'm just being lazy...

1. I am one of those people who needs things to look forward to, else I lose the will to live.

2. I am double jointed and can freak people out with a twist of the elbow or the pulling of the thumb from its socket. As you can see, I know how to have a good time.

3. I'm a bit of a movie buff (or freak depending on your viewpoint) and have over 250 DVDs in my collection. Due to the low prices in Tesco, that collection is growing rapidly. Thanks Tesco.

4. I love my surname. I do not love being called Highlander by every guy I meet. Yes, I know. Highlander was a MacLeod. I'm a McLeod. You're correct. Well spotted. Now sod off.

5. I went travelling by myself when I was 19 years old. Some say this was brave, others say it was foolish. The fact that I was chased 2 miles by a homeless man would prove the latter correct.

6. My favourite word is 'bollocks.' It is just so expressive. If I could use it in every sentence, I would.

7. I was very fortunate to get my own back on someone who made my life hell at school. Said bully approached me on a train and asked if I remembered them. My reply was that I had a brain condition which meant I couldn't remember arseholes. Bully stunned into silence = smile on my face all day long.

8. My real name is Zion5 and I'm from the year 3021.

So there it is. Seven things about me. Okay, the list says eight but I had to round it up and we all know number 8 isn't true. Or is it...?

Finally, I must pass on this Kreativ Blogger award to a new and deserving fellow writer. After reading yet another great post from him, this award goes to the brilliantly witty plentymorefishoutofwater. He never fails to make me smile. Over to you...


  1. Clearly number 8 is bunk. Everyone knows that time travel isn't possible until 3039. ;)

    Congratulations on the award.

  2. lol hunter!

    i like even numbers too. if you tell fish that we can still change it. :)

  3. Hahaha, great list!!
    Congrats on the award.

  4. Loved the list! Bollocks is a great word. :) And fish definitely deserves some sort of award...he's so funny. Hope you have some things to look forward to, I know how you feel as I'm the same way.


  5. Congrats on the award and great list! I too like to freak people out with double jointedness

    Kate xx

  6. Wowza, thanks for the award! I'm honoured. Will get my seven things up in the next few days and work out who I'M going to pass it on to. Well done you, by the way - thoroughly deserved.

  7. Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you all approve of my list. Still think it should be 10 things but i have a weird thing with odd numbers. They SCARE me! hehe...

    Hunter: How did you discover the year time travel was physically possible? That means you are from the future too. We must compare notes...

    Kate: A fellow double jointed friend. Welcome.

    Fish: I would say the same thing about you. Keep up the good work! :)

  8. where did you go traveling alone??? must have been ny lol, i lived there for 5 yrs the homeless love chasing us there...

    bollocks is awesome. i agree :)

  9. Nomad: I actually did go to NY first, then Niagra Falls, onto Washington, back to NY, then to LA, Grand Canyon, on to Vegas, back to LA and then finally flew to Sydney in Australia. But the homeless man situation; that happened in LA- Hollywood of all places! I should have known! Hehe :)

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