Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Hay Wain

I used to stare intently;
eyes met hands
as they ran along the print,
my chubby finger
poking away at the speckled sky
or the open window
on Willy Lott's cottage
and the man on the carriage
pulled by red-saddled horses
through the shallow River Stour.

It was always there for viewing
at the bottom of the stairs;
detail hidden in brush strokes
of white and green,
waiting to be found.
I wanted to move the man
or name the dog
barking at his owner
from the dusty yellow river bank.

I was eager
to retrace the curve
of the water's edge,
unearth the broken boat
as it lingered in overgrowth,
count the swift trail
of dabbling ducks.
As night fell around me,
I would await change
through that window
to some hidden sun-filled world,
where days never did end
and darkness never reached.

In my world
the picture
at the bottom of the stairs;
its paint film cracked,
glaze darkened
and colours diminished
as Flatford Mill ceased trade,
the Stour began to rise
and trees and shrubbery
outgrew its frame.
But that image
memorized, captured,
imprisoned in print,
always stayed the same.
It will never change.


  1. This is quite deep. You are quite a writer Lou.
    Keep it up.

    Swing by my place sometime

  2. and trees and shrubbery/outgrew its frame

    -Very nice.

  3. picture came to life with your words. how very nice.

  4. Very have a real talent, there!!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments guys! This poem has been a work in progress for well over a year! I think that's officially the longest time anyone's spent on a poem about a painting! haha :)

  6. Lou, I love this. It's really wonderful and I'll read it again and again. Well done.

  7. You have painted a story with your words.

    Writing and Art

  8. The lines, poetic on their own
    One of the greatest I've known
    A masterpiece you have sown.

  9. Again, thank you for all the positive comments everyone! It really does mean a lot to me. :)

  10. Dear Lou, you have such a creative and thoughtful blog, I passed an award to you, the "Superior Scribbler" award. You can visit my page, the details of the award, are there. I look forward to reading more from you. Best Regards.


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