Monday, 30 November 2009

Hearing Damage

Me + my sister + cinema = fun filled weekend. It is true. Betraying every sense in brain and body, I went to see New Moon. Begrudgingly. Okay, I wasn't dragged kicking and screaming. Nor were my hands tied and eyes propped open Clockwork Orange-style, forced to watch. But this is the Twilight saga. How would I describe my feelings towards this? Meh. Yes. Meh.

Sat down in our seats, I had the aisle. I like to be able to run if required. You never know when an alien life form of jelly-like substance may creep upon the unwitting cinema goer. You know, The Blob. Keep up reader, keep up.

We arrived early. Row upon row of empty velvet seats. Silence. Bliss. But it started. A slow steady hum of boots and heels in the distance. Raucous laughter and squeals of dolphin pitch that scratched ear drums twenty miles away. Louder it grew until the oxygen dwarfed and the cinema filled. From all directions hundreds of tweenagers poured in, squeezed through the gaps, marching up steps in near-darkness. Silver streaks glistened from T. Shirts emblazoned with 'Team Edward' and 'Bite Me.' Cheeks painted with uneven scrawls of 'Team Jacob' in black eyeliner. I had never felt so old in my life.

As the trailers finished, the sounds of popcorn munched and slushies slurped faded into the roar of screams from every pre-pubescent pair of lungs. A huge sallow-looking moon appeared on the screen. Screams. A green meadow filled with purple flowers. Screams. That sickly slouchy fellow with pained yellow eyes followed. Screams. 2 minutes had passed and I was deaf. It did not bode well for the next 128. I started to pray.

Prayers unanswered. Two hours of my life lost forever, snatched by evil Father Time in cohorts with Summit entertainment. Robust hearing built to withstand the toxic levels of my iPod obliterated in mere minutes. I don't remember much about the film itself. Abstain from sex blah. Vampires sparkle in sunlight blah. There was a lot of buff men running around the woods topless, dressed only in denim shorts. But I suppose I would remember that.

For the most part I stared aghast at my sister. Laughed at the madness around us. Worried about the hyperventilating teens along our row. By the time another batch of wild hysterics faded and we turned back to the screen, we'd missed about twenty minutes.

I am now scarred for life. Tweens and teens are the new enemy, riled up on sugar and desiring a man that eats animals and, oh yes, doesn't exist. I am too frightened to venture into my local cinema. They're not just under threat from The Blob. I think next time I'll wait for the DVD. Or perhaps I won't even bother. You know. Meh.


  1. Say it ain't so. Every time they sell a ticket to that movie, somewhere a child is orphaned. ;)

  2. i take it you didn't like the movie or the crowd? i'll make sure i don't see it then. :)

  3. Hunter, it is true. I do not lie. And apparently i'm now responsible for children being orphaned. It's a sad sad day indeed.

    Sarah, how did you guess?! I can't really comment much on the movie. I meant when i said i missed most of it. Seriously. :)

  4. Thank goodness for therapy and wine! :-)

    Hey - I just gave you an award. Check it out!


  5. Did the little sods use mobile phones too? Damn their eyes. Meh.

    Award for you over at my house. They're like London buses, so given Charlene and me, there'll be another one in a minute or two

  6. Oooh awards! I'm honoured! Thanks so much Charlene and UberGrumpy. I'll be sure to stop by, collect and display proudly.

    And yes, grumpy, i did see quite a few mobile phones out taking pictures. Since when does a thirteen yr old need a Blackberry or an iPhone?! I don't even have one of those! Sick. :O

  7. Am I shallow if I say the buff men shirtless is enough for me?

    Kate xx


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