Friday, 15 January 2010

Progress is impossible without change

Two months ago I posted about words, darkness and echoes. Yes, reader. I had decided to write a novel. Since then I have practiced the art of hurling words and punctuation at a harsh white page that mocks me, and waited for them to form coherent sentences.

Have I accomplished my mission? Well. At 30,000 words, it's half done. No title as yet. And the story keeps evolving no matter what I do. It has a life of its own. Sometimes this scares me, so much so I should stop and cut all ties. But then it might just hear my negative thoughts and try to kill me. No, reader. My novel isn't trying to kill me. Just the process of writing one.

My expectations were, I believed, realistic. I assumed it would be a difficult challenge. One I thought I was ready for. My story plagued my mind for months and in an effort to exorcise it, I wrote more. Soon six pages begged to be defined and labelled a 'novel.' So I did.

Encouragement was heard from all corners, even those in the blogosphere. So I persisted. Chipped away at the idea, sketched out plot. Wrote and re-wrote. Hit stumbling blocks, writer's block; blocks of all kind determined to outwit my pursuit.

Nothing, however problematic, can get in the way of my determination. (Take that procrastination demon!) Sure, it takes a few knocks. But I shall persist by every means necessary. Except killing. Won't do that.


  1. Looking forward to reading this bad boy. Can you tell us what it's about?

  2. Way to go Lou! I'm chipping away at a much slower pace and finding the process to be a bear.

    Do keep us posted on progress.

  3. im very impressed whenever i try to write anything longer than a short story, i find i cant get even close to finishing it, not even halfway done!
    keep working at it, and i hope ill be able to read it some day

  4. i admire anybody who writes a novel. such hard work. keep at it lou!

  5. All the best Lou! I hope we could a sneaky taster when you're ready... just before it's published.. Sorry, it's my curiosity and stupid snob talking so I could say "I knew it would be a bestseller before it was on the shelf!"

    Don't do it!

  6. Hats off to you! I'm struggling with essays... a novel? Wow!

  7. Thanks for all positive comments! I did post an excerpt of the novel on this exact post but i deleted it as i was too nervous and not ready for anyone to see it...yet. Soon. Maybe. I'll keep you posted.

    Off to bed now. Wine taking effect...

    :) x


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