Monday, 12 July 2010

I miss you too...

Do you remember that day?
I didn't wave you off to school,
Instead I lie in bed
Waiting for pain to subside.
The last moment I saw
Your worried little face;
Tears on red cheeks,
A flash of fear in green eyes.
Later you came to see me:
Your soft peachy hand rested
There upon my grey face.
You said it felt like marble.

Do you remember that day?
You wore black lace
With pretty blue shoes;
I thought they should have matched.
I gazed from afar,
Under the wooden arch
Where I married your father
While you threw down black soil.
Later I came to see you:
What once was my hand rested
There upon your peachy face.
You said you felt cold.

Do you remember that day?
You were only sixteen
Forced to leave home;
I wanted to hit your stepmother.
You moved into the flat
Above the model shop
And when the door closed
Eyes wept like the day I left.
Later I came to see you:
What once were my arms rested
There upon your sorrowed shoulders.
You said you felt so alone.

Do you remember that day?
Dressed in white
Holding peach flowers;
I wanted to tell you I was so proud.
You walked down the aisle
Clasped in your father's hand,
Stepping and smiling
Despite the stab of pain.
Later I came to see you:
What once were my lips rested
There upon your sullen cheek.
You thought it had been a boy.

Do you remember that day?
You turned sixty
Surrounded by friends;
I wished I had reached that age.
You laughed with guests,
Opened cards and presents
Feeling pleased
The day had gone so well.
Later I came to see you:
What once were my hands rested
There upon your tired face.
You said 'I miss you mum...'


  1. Wow. That's beautiful yet so incredibly sad. I'm tearing up.

  2. It's so touching. The sorrow of losing a mother at a young age that I could strangely relate. I need a tissue.

  3. Ahree with above. So touching. Really well written too. I'm lovin ur blog.

  4. Thank you for such lovely comments. This poem was quite difficult to write- based on the perspective of my Grandmother, who died when my mum was 12. Everything you read has happened and i had imagine myself as someone else looking in from the outside. For the first time i found myself crying as i wrote! So i appreciate all comments. :)

  5. Okay, that is just lovely. You really bring it to life. I felt like it was me. In the poem. You're so great at that Lou. Pulling me in every time. *hugs*

  6. What a lovely comment, Robyn- i guess that's what i was trying to achieve, so i did my job! Thank you. :)

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  9. Excellent piece.
    If you're not too busy could you check out my blog? Maybe you'll find something inspiring... or dislike it strongly. regardless i <3 live write dream :)

  10. Stumbled across this and I love it. It's just brilliant.

  11. Otherworldlyone- thank you so much. I love your blog, your writing, so that's a huge compliment for me. Thanks! :)


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