Friday, 25 February 2011


Reader, a whirlwind caught and carried me away. A burst of creative energy assailed me and I could not, would not, fight it. But then, who would?

For those new to my blog, eighteen months ago I started writing a novel. It began as a piece to pass the time. A pithy little thing, five pages long. And yet, some days later, it was ten pages. And some time after that, it was twenty. My character had not finished telling her story and so I listened to her pleas. What started as a short story soon evolved into something far more complex. The Novel.

I'd always wanted to write a book. I'd read a lot of them, which helped. Liked the feel of words as they played and slipped from my mind. A blank white page never scared me. It tempted, with possibilities and promises. What could I do with it? Who knew? I'd certainly have fun finding out.

Other people recognised my eagerness to write. In my Year 6 leaving book that I got from primary school, aged eleven, an old teacher had written: 'Be sure to send me the first copy of your book.' Over the years, every so often, my Granddad would ask me: 'So, when are you going to write this book of yours?'

It's been a struggle. There have been days when I could not bear to look at it, think or dream. I've grappled with distrust; of my own imagination and my possible talent. At times I've loved it so much I envisioned marrying it, settling down and having kids. I'd stroke the pages on the screen like it was my precious. Other times I've hated it so much I'd print the whole thing just to rip it up and throw it in the garden, praying for rain to wash it away, from print and from memory. And then I felt bad for wasting a tree.

But through all that, the days of love and hate, the weeks of missing motivation, the months when inspiration left me in the lowly pit of despair, somehow, it has happened. I have finished. I have written a novel. I am full of accomplished glee, like I've reached the top of a mountain and my lungs are full of the freshest air. I'm just like Maria in The Sound of Music, without all the singing.

But now, dearest reader, comes the hard part: the dreaded edit. My lungs are suddenly empty, I've tripped, tumbled down the mountain side and I've hurt my head.

What. Have. I. Done?


  1. Hi Lou,

    Congratulations on the novel!! May I ask what yours is about? Well done you! I have one in my head, all of it, start, middle and finish and the beginnings of a sequel but...have never taken the plunge to write it.

    I have to have help with editing, I do - or attempt to - edit the first draft and then after that I have to call in someone unbiased.

    Dood luck with editing and again well done!


  2. Sometimes the biggest discoveries come to us in the editing. The editing process is where you get to spend time examining, twisting, and tasting. It's where you get to turn a good line into a great line or add a simple detail that reveals your character with one simple, brilliant stroke. You've completed your first adventure. This is your next one. Make friends with it.

  3. What great news, Lou! Congratulations and happy editing. Bruce is very much on point about the editing process.

  4. Congratulations!! That is amazing!

    I wanted to award this blog with The Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details ( Living Simplistically.

    ...I may not know you, but I read your blog and I am so very proud of you for accomplishing your dream!

  5. Congrats to you. I can't wait to be at the stage you are. I've been writing mine for a while and am aiming to finish this year, all being well.

  6. You had your baby--congratulations! I have no doubt about your talent with words. Go easy and take your time on the editing. Like any creative work, you may have to put it aside for a while before going back at it.

  7. Congratulations! Thats an impressive acheivement. You will be fine with the editing. You wrote the novel so you can do this.

  8. Thank you for all the congratulations! :)

  9. I applaud you on all your hard work. Congratulations and I wish you luck on the editing.

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  12. Congratulations!
    This is the hard part. Are you going to have someone close to you read it and comment?

    I've had friends who have written books. It seems like such a difficult be able to edit yourself and get outside yourself regarding something so involved. Good luck and keep us posted!

  13. Wow. Thanks for all the congratulations everybody. I really appreciate the time taken to comment. Cheers. :)


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