Monday, 29 March 2010

Dream, Hallucination or Prediction?

Last night I had trouble sleeping. This is nothing new. I haven't slept properly in seven years. There comes a point when I am so tired I cannot function. Words. Backwards. Become. Spots appear around me and I reach out to grab them, thinking they're weird alien beings come to eat me alive. Then come the tears. I weep and moan- wallow in self pity, cry and pray to a God I don't believe in. 'Why God, Why? Why won't you let me sleep? I hate you.' This is the point where I pass out face down into my pillow. Maybe He really does exist. Or a She. Possibly an It. I fear I'm going off point here...

I had a dream. I discovered the secret to time travel. Or was it a dream? Maybe I hallucinated. Maybe my brain was so fed up with being awake 24 hours a day that it created this weird story to keep itself occupied- to pass the time. Perhaps I unlocked the psychic inside and can only make predictions about the future during an insomnia-ridden daze. A bit like the psychics who can only predict things with a twenty pound note in their hands.

In my dream there was a chart about time continuums, followed by a long vomit-inducing algebraic equation. On a table sat a box that looked like a modified version of the Flux Capacitor. After all, that is what makes time travel possible.

Doc Brown wasn't there. Neither was Marty McFly. But Steven Spielberg was. I felt that Back to the Future is masquerading as a piece of fiction when really, it's fact. I think Spielberg did find the secret to time travel and it really does involve a 1981 DeLorean. This is more plausible than a phone box as Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure suggests. Now that's just stupid.

Please note this is a re post. Normal blogging service will resume shortly...


  1. I missed this the first time around. Fun post!

  2. You should speak to my friend Rapunzel, the blogger I dated. She can't sleep ever.
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

  3. Lou - Hope the play is going well!!! Wishing you the best of luck. My sister can't sleep either - she uses a child chewable benadryl - works great!

    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional BLOG

  4. Thanks guys. I know it's a bit lame to repost material but i had to do something! Hopefully my recent lull in inspiration has passed. Thanks for reading. :)

  5. Sorry to hear that you have trouble sleeping. I liked your dream. I keep a dream journal and seem to have alot of alien abduction ones. I found you in the coffee shop and will be following you now.

  6. LaraAnn: Welcome aboard and thank you! Don't even talk about alien abduction dreams...i went through a period of dreams like that about 3 years ago and actually didn't want to sleep for once! Too scary. :)


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