Monday, 8 March 2010


A major search is underway for inspiration, reported missing last week. Inspiration was last seen in a feisty struggle with imagination, creativity and common sense, all of which compete for attention daily. With each passing hour, there are growing concerns that it may never return.

'Inspiration can take many forms. Some days it is a book, a painting, or a walk in the park. Often it is a musical score or a burst of madness.' This constant evolution of identity is proving troublesome for those involved in the search.

Described by many as a stimulation of the mind and, often, a brilliant idea, inspiration has been likened to a bolt of lightning or a 'light-bulb' moment. It is known for leaving in times of difficulty and has earned the reputation of 'fair-weather friend.'

Yesterday, however, LiveWriteDream begged for its safe return. 'The nights are the hardest. When I can't sleep, inspiration usually helps me. It fills my time and allows me to write the hours away- a faithful companion. Without it, I am nothing.'

Anyone with information regarding its sudden disappearance is asked to contact LiveWriteDream immediately.


  1. my guess is missing is just a little tired and needs a little alone time. it will safely return soon enough.

  2. Hi Lou,

    When you find it and you're done...send it my way please.

    Forgot to say I love your flash fiction - good stuff there and incredibly jealous.

  3. This post is pretty inspired...
    Just don't look for inspiration, and it should come.

  4. I am so with you. I nearly blogged about my underpants yesterday

  5. There all the time, it will, no doubt pop up when you are least expecting it.

  6. Sometimes inspiration takes a break and comes back in a surprising torrent. Just around the corner...

  7. Not only do I miss it, I wish it was bigger. Great post.

  8. Lou,
    This often works for me:


  9. Aww thanks for the comments everyone. It is still missing. I've tried everything- read books, went for a very long walk, listened to music. I think i'm going to go to Brighton at the weekend to look for it. Something about the sea always inspires me. Fingers crossed! :)

  10. lol. This happens to me every other day!

    I usually look outward into the world. The smallest things can trigger renewed interest.

    The sea sounds wonderfully healing. Have fun!

  11. I have given you two awards on my blog. Check it out here:

  12. I recommend a few days off. Hopefully then it will come back.

    Kate xxx

  13. Walls that Talk: Thank you so much for the awards! I may not post them on here but they are so appreciated!

    Kate: I took a whole week off and it did come back! Good advice. :)


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